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Main Questline V-Bucks rewards in Fortnite stw

Fortnite StW Main Questline missions feature Storm Shield Defense missions around every tenth quest with 100 V-Bucks and Skill Points as the reward. Beginning of Save the World, it’s even more frequent and you will rack up quite some just by advancing in the story. Storm Shield Defenses reward you and your teammates with Hero Experience and Mini Llamas. Asking for help in the global chat is advised and many will happily help you for the rewards and “Hold The Door!” challenge progress.

Main Questline areas in Fortnite

Main Questline is divided to 4 different areas. You will unlock the next area after completing a set amount of quests. There are 6 Storm Shield Defense quests on each area’s questline, regardless of how many quests the area has. Storm Shield Defense quests grant 100 V-Bucks, making it a total of 600 V-Bucks for completing each area’s questline. In addition, Storm Shield Defense 7, 8, 9 and 10 will appear as Side Quests when you play the game further. Storm Shield Defense 10 grants 150 V-Bucks, making it a total of 1050 V-Bucks for each area.

Stonewood‘s questline consists of 34 quests. Stonewood’s 1st, 9th, 16th, 23th, 28th and 34th quests are Storm Shield Defenses missions.

Plankerton‘s questline consists of 51 quests and therefore Storm Shield Defense missions are not as frequent as in Stonewood.

Canny Valley‘s questline consists of 81 quests and therefore Storm Shield Defense missions are not as frequent as in Stonewood or Plankerton.

Twine Peaks‘s questline consists of 98 quests and therefore Storm Shield Defense missions are not as frequent as in the previous areas.

Save the World Stonewood Missions

List of all Stonewood quests and V-Buck rewards. Remember that this is just a fraction of the whole questline and the progression in Stonewood are done faster than in the next areas as many quests are done on the menus. Hover over the mission names for the quest description.

Mission Reward
1. Homebase Storm Shield Defense 1 Uncommon BASE Kyle hero, 150 Hero XP & 100 V-Bucks
2. Constructor Leadership 150x Wood, 150x Stone & 150x Metal
3. Before and After Science Automatic Sniper schematic, 200x Medium Bullets & 1 Skill Point
4. Weakpoint Vision Uncommon Wall Darts schematic, 150 Schematic XP & 1 Skill Point
5. Unlock Squads Uncommon Survivor
6. EMT Worker (Slot) 150 Survivor XP
7. Ride the Lightning Handmade Healing Pad schematic & 150 Schematic XP
8. Homebase Storm Shield Defense 2 100 V-Bucks & 1 Skill Point
9. Hero Training – Stage 1 Uncommon Assault Rifle schematic & 150 Schematic XP
10. Weapon Enhancement 3x Copper Ore & 5x Rusty Mechanical Parts
11. Gimme Three Uncommon Survivor & 1000 Survivor XP
12. Retrieve the Data Uncommon Ranged Weapon schematic & 250 Schematic XP
13. Home Defender (Unlock) Trainee Rifleman defender
14. Homebase Defender (Slot) Defender Post schematic
15. Homebase Storm Shield Defense 3 100 V-Bucks & 1 Skill Point
16. Mission Defender (Unlock) Common Gunslinger defender
17. Mission Defender (Slot) Junkyard Pal revolver schematic
18. Treasured Friends Predator rifle schematic
19. Keep Circulating the Tapes 3x Copper Ore & 1x Rotating Gizmo
20. Rescue the Survivors Common Bruiser defender, Highlander sword schematic & 500 Hero XP
21. It’s a Trap! Uncommon Ceiling Gas Trap schematic
22. Homebase Storm Shield Defense 4 100 V-Bucks & 1 Skill Point
23. Medic! Uncommon Tank Penny hero & 1000 Hero XP
24. Leave Only Footprints Common Sniper defender, Extinguisher sniper schematic & 1000 Hero XP
25. The Knack Epic doctor Lead Survivor, 1000 Survivor XP
26. Life and Death Healing Pad schematic & 1500 Schematic XP
27. Homebase Storm Shield Defense 5 100 V-Bucks & 1 Skill Point
28. A Voice in the Night Common Shotgunner defender, Kodiak shotgun schematic & 1500 Hero XP
29. Supply Run Rocket Launcher schematic
30. Countdown Mini Reward Llama
31. Treacherous Treasure 1x Training Manual, 1x Trap Designs & 1x Weapon Designs
32. Signal Boost Warhammer heavy hammer schematic
33. Homebase Storm Shield Defense 6 100 V-Bucks & 1 Skill Point
34. Van or Astro-van? Player Jump Pad (Up) schematic, Player Jump Pad (Directional) schematic & 10x Pure Drop of Rain

Benefits of progressing in stw

In addition to Storm Shield Defense missions with V-Buck rewards, you will also unlock new areas and expand your Storm Shields as you progress. Your Storm Shield will expand and reveal more mission spots after each successful Storm Shield Defense mission. You will also get Challenges and Side Quests which some grant V-Bucks, each zone will feature 4 more Storm Shield Defense missions as Side Quests. There are a few area specific Daily Quests which may be obtained after reaching the area. Unlocking new areas improve the chances of finding V-Buck reward Timed Missions. See Timed Missions to see all missions in Fortnite right now and more!

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