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V-Bucks generator not working?

Why V-Bucks generators don’t work? Is there a generator that works? Read further for the explanation why these sites exist, why are those made and why doesn’t the V-Bucks generators work. Remember that there are many ways of getting free V-Bucks legally and all of those are listed on Free the V-Bucks!

Why doesn’t V-Bucks generator work

The site has a fancy Fortnite-themed V-Bucks generator? It might even use the same font and graphics as Fortnite. It might also show you a list of people who used it or maybe even a fake chat on the page. The scam websites might ask for your username, platform and the amount of V-Bucks you want. After you have entered your information the generator will probably show you text like connecting to server and generating V-Bucks but the “human verification” will fail.

Those all are JavaScript and made only to trick you into believing it. To trick you into trying to complete the “human verification” step that has nothing to do with human verification.

Some sites might need you to link the website with your referral link to others before you get to “generate V-Bucks” but after that you need to “verify that you are a human”. This is all just to spread the website link that will not work for anyone and get more people to fall for it.

Why human verification

Why is there a “human verification” on every V-Bucks generator website? The truth is, that is called affiliate marketing and has nothing to do with human verification. Why would they not use CAPTCHA or other human verification methods? Why is it an ad or a survey you have to go through? Because that is why those scam websites are made. Affiliate marketing is what makes the scam websites money when you complete the action and you will get absolutely nothing.

V-Bucks generators are scams

It looks like official Fortnite site

You can go to any website and hit CTRL+S (shortcut to “save as” on many browsers) and you can save that page’s code to your computer’s local files. Basically all you have to do now is to transfer the files to a web hosting server under your domain to show that exact look to anyone visiting that domain. That code is easily modified to add/remove parts of the page, like adding a “generator”. Any website can be done to look like official Fortnite site very very easily. Don’t fall for that!

Remember that it is not legal to create such websites and use copyrighted materials. The official Fortnite website is and Epic Games website is! Domain like is not official Fortnite site, the primary domain is the one before dot com.


That is a simple progress bar that could be done to look like anything. Clicking the button will just launch the JavaScript code to make it go to 90% and show a text, nothing else. The methods that the scam websites use trying to trick you are way more sophisticated but the way they work is the same.

But it said it works

The graphics, texts, lists of users and everything there is just fake and “hard-coded” into the website and no such actions are actually made. Connecting to the database and actually adding V-Bucks to an account is not even possible. Getting access from outside of Fortnite to your account is a massive data breach, that doesn’t happen.

Viewing your account info is not possible outside of Fortnite, neither is modifying it! Game companies have procedures to detect if account’s currencies like V-Bucks amount suddenly increases. So, even though any of those would magically work (which is not possible), you would most likely get suspended because it is against the rules. Why would you even try? All these kind of sites work the same way on other games too. Don’t make money for these scammers!

You are currently in Free the V-Bucks – All-in-one guide to earn free V-Bucks by playing. If you are interested in earning V-Bucks legally, check out more on this site about all the ways of getting V-Bucks for free! Free the V-Bucks!

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