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How much V-Bucks can you earn in Save the World?

Players are reporting to earn thousands of V-Bucks by playing Save the World but no one knows exactly how much V-Bucks you can earn in Save the World. The reason is that it is near impossible to calculate but here is the estimated calculation of the V-Bucks income for each game phase. Please note that these are only calculations and the amount you will earn may differ!

How much I have heard people earn when starting the game range from 1500 in two days to 5000 V-Bucks in 2 weeks. Long time players, including myself have earned around 40 000 V-Bucks in 6 months.

You can see all V-Bucks sources on top navigation bar, you can view them for further explanation and tips. You will earn V-Bucks from Daily Quests, Login Rewards, Timed Missions, Collection Book, Main Questline, Side Quests (including challenges) and from periodically changing Events. Let’s try to count the V-Bucks income from each source seperately.

Daily Quests

Daily Quests grant 50 V-Bucks each day. You could also get 60-100 V-Bucks daily quests but those are rare and you need to have progressed a bit. After unlocking Plankerton, you might get the “Mission Specialist (Plankerton)” daily quest to complete 3 missions in that area. Mission Specialist Plankerton awards 60 V-Bucks, Canny Valley 75 V-Bucks and Twine Peaks 100 V-Bucks. So you could basically be earning 100 V-Bucks daily from Daily Quests alone but need to have played a lot to unlock Twine Peaks to get the quest and be very lucky too.

50 V-Bucks/day
Read more about Daily Quests

Login Rewards

Login Rewards are not that great beginning of the game, but will increase after the initial month. First V-Bucks rewards are 50 V-Bucks for 11 days you logged in and 300 for logging in 28 days total. That is 12.5 V-Bucks/day for the first month. After that it increases to steady 750+ V-Bucks/month so it is around 27 V-Bucks/day without including the “jackpot” days that are day 112, day 224 and 336. Day 112 and 224 rewards 800 V-Bucks each and day 336 grants you 1000 V-Bucks! In total the login rewards grant you 10 000 V-Bucks for logging in 336 days.

around 30 V-Bucks/day
Read more about Login Rewards

Timed Missions

There are Mini-Boss missions that may reward V-Bucks. These missions need to be revealed on the map before you can access them or you can go in through a friend with a higher level party. Stonewood has 3 spots for these missions while the other areas have 6. V-Bucks reward ranges from 25 to 40 V-Bucks depending on the area. 25 V-Bucks for Stonewood, 30 for Plankerton, 35 for Canny Valley and 40 for Twine Peaks. Missions rotate every 6 hours.

There have been total of 110 V-Bucks missions in 34 days (July 12 – August 14):

  • 0.382 missions/day in Stonewood (11x 25 V-Bucks and 2x 30 V-Bucks)
  • 1.0 missions/day in Plankerton (31x 30 V-Bucks and 3x 35 V-Bucks)
  • 0.853 missions/day in Canny Valley (29x 35 V-Bucks)
  • 1.0 missions/day in Twine Peaks (34x 40 V-Bucks)

So that averages 3.24 V-Bucks missions each day. However there is a cap that limits the reward to 3x daily and most people will probably miss at least one of the 6 hour cycles so we can subtract 1/4 from it. Average V-Bucks reward is 3745/110=34.05 V-Bucks.

Stonewood players can earn around 0.29×25.77=7.39 V-Bucks/day on average.
Plankerton players can earn around 1.04×29.15=30.22 V-Bucks/day on average.
Canny Valley players can earn around 1.68×31.38=52.61 V-Bucks/day on average.
Twine Peaks players can earn around 2.43×34.05=82.61 V-Bucks/day on average.

7-83 V-Bucks/day depending on progression
Read more about Timed Missions and view the current missions

Missions change every 24 hours now but are more numerous. This probably still has a small negative impact to the V-Bucks income.

Collection Book

V-Bucks rewards from the Collection Book have been removed in patch v6.30 but Collection Book used to reward total of 1500 V-Bucks.
Read more about Collection Book

Main Questline

Save the World’s main questline features Storm Shield Defense missions around every tenth quest with 100 V-Bucks reward. Beginning of the game, it’s even more frequent and the quests are done fast. This is tricky to calculate but at the beginning of the game you can easily do 2 Storm Shield Defenses/day if you play a bit. That’s total of 600 V-Bucks for completing each area’s 6 Storm Shield Defenses (there are also Storm Shield defenses past 6 which are introduced to you as side quests later on).

200 V-Bucks/day which gradually decreases
Read more about Main Questline

Side Quests and Challenges

V-Buck rewarded Side Quests features finding Shielder data samples and completing Storm Shield Defenses up to level 10 after completing each area. These Side Quests reward you with 1900 V-Bucks over time.

Some Challenges reward you with V-Bucks. Every V-Buck rewarded Challenge come in 20 stages. These Challenges reward you with 2600 V-Bucks over time.

Side Quests and Challenges reward you with 4500 V-Bucks but it will take a while to complete them all. It’s tricky to do any calculations on these as it depends on how much you play and what kind of missions you run but I would say it can take a few months to complete them all. Let’s do some calculation based on completing all the Side Quests and Challenges in 4 months as it feels reasonable.

40 V-Bucks/day (rough estimation)
Read more about Side Quests and Challenges


There is always an event running on Fortnite. We can calculate how many V-Bucks events had by looking at the older events and estimate future events based on them.

  • Fortnitemares event granted 550 V-Bucks over 34 days.
  • Mutant Storms granted 800 V-Bucks over 15 days!
  • Survive the Holidays granted 900 V-Bucks over 42 days.
  • Mutant Storms (#2) granted 450 V-Bucks over 21 days.
  • Spring It On! granted 800 V-Bucks over 55 days.
  • Into the Storm granted 300 V-Bucks over 20 days.
  • Blockbuster granted 900 V-Bucks (and more than doubled the amount of Mini-Boss missions) over 72 days. Mini-Boss mission changes did actually increase the timed mission rewards from 7.39-82.61 to 17.6-196.7 V-Bucks/day so it would make the event award additional 735-8214 V-Bucks based on progression and if you played a lot.

That is 4700 V-Bucks over 259 days and that would make 18.15 V-Bucks/day from events without including Blockbuster mission changes. It would be 3800/187=20.32 V-Bucks/day without taking Blockbuster to the calculations at all as it was pretty special event regarding V-Bucks.

20 V-Bucks/day
Read more about current and past events in Save the World


Remember that these are only calculations and does not represent your V-Bucks income but this is the best I can do at this point to answer the highly asked question about Save the World’s V-Bucks amount.

Beginners can earn around 350 V-Bucks/day if they play a few matches. You can play challenges, main and side quests anytime to earn even more each day.

You could still earn around 185 V-Bucks/day (a few V-Bucks extra from high reward Daily Quests) after you have completed all the Questline’s Storm Shield Defenses, Side Quests and Challenges. You would have already been awarded 6900 V-Bucks solely from these at this point.

These calculations fit pretty well to what people have shared in the past:

  • 4000-5000 V-Bucks from playing Save the World for 2 weeks.
  • more than 1500 V-Bucks in the first few days.
  • 1900 V-Bucks in 6 days.
  • 3000 V-Bucks in 5 days.
  • 50k V-Bucks in 236 days.
  • 43k V-Bucks in 261 days.

Share your income, feedback and ask questions on our Discord channel!

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